Jill Liley

Jill has lived her whole life in Cumbria, having been at school in Keswick then taken her degree in Graphic Design in Carlisle.

 Jill loves to create hand-lettered pieces for weddings, events, small businesses and as gifts. 

 Jill's love of modern calligraphy began when she made place cards and a table plan for a family friend's wedding. She decided she ought to teach herself to write in a calligraphy style to do the event justice. She lost hours in the project, finding the writing process challenging and absorbing. The more she wrote, the more she realised the mindful nature of calligraphy. She finds the modern calligraphy style allows her to be creative and expressive with the pen and ink and she is always trying to develop her work. She finds the variety, movement and beauty of modern calligraphy a constant source of inspiration.