Hello and welcome!

I am Catriona the creator of Esk Collected -  I'm passionate about lovely things that please the eye of course, but to really love something I want to go deeper too with a story told, a face behind, an understanding.

I have collected together some things I personally really like a lot and appeal to my senses - whether it's smell, touch, sheer beauty or interest to the eye.

It's been a real treat to pull this together and I have met some very talented, interesting and passionate people on this journey, it's a privilege to finally do this.

I have worked with makers and artists that are as close to where I live in the beautiful, characterful town of Langholm in Dumfries and Galloway as possible - we have close neighbours in Cumbria and the Borders, so I have travelled there too, as well as a little further.

My background is in design, working with clothing and textiles for many years, so I have a love of colour, texture, shape and form as well as a fondness for bringing things together in an appealing way..... I hope you like what you see and enjoy browsing.