Cath Ball

Porcelain ceramics with a twist


Cath has been making, selling and developing her porcelain ceramic range for over fifteen years and is based in a small village just six miles outside the border city of Carlisle. She works from a small studio next to her house and sells her work online as well as at other events locally and around the country.


Now focusing on the process of hand building. She hand rolls porcelain clay and uses a variety of vintage laces to add delicate and intricate textures and patterns into the fine surface of the clay. Her signature aqua glaze is mixed in house and highlights the textures in the surface of the clay. The glaze is then wiped back so that it only appears on the textured areas to give a feel of fabric and an appliqué effect.


Cath’s style is very unique. It has a kind of contemporary/country feel mixed in with the nostalgia of using your family’s finest china. Her work has a calming essence due to the colour pallet she uses.The products are made using the finest of materials and skill and are both beautiful and functional.